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Cubesat based satellite platform

This satellite platform is designed based on CubeSat technology using the latest materials and design approaches and experience gained over 55 years of satellites production. It gives the opportunity to resolve any scientific and commercial objectives applicable to the format of the microsatellite. The platform can be made in a short time. It can be quickly re-directed to other tasks.


Our platform is designed keeping in mind the basic principles of ensuring the best possible functionality and reliability of the satellite at the lowest cost. Here it was necessary to get needed lifetime of all subsystems. Our experts have minimized the size of life-support system of the satellite to provide more space for payload without cutting of functionality.


Tech Specs

Technologically, our satellite is a complete multi-functional space platform with all the necessary systems: life support, communication, attitude determination and control and systems of collection and processing of information. Three criteria were taken in mind when choosing the features: necessity, reliability and price.



operational lifetime: 5 years

type of orbit: sun-synchronous orbit (SSO)



satellite orientation accuracy: 0.2 deg

orientation speed: 0.05 deg/s


To meet your commercial, scientific or social needs, our satellite platform must be loaded with needed equipment, called payload. Any kind of payload can be installed to the satellite platform, it just must meet the requirements of size and energy consumption. In the original version our company has prepared three kinds of payload for your choice: optical observation equipment, weather observation equipment, communication equipment. There is also a possibility to install any of your specific equipment.

Optical observation

High resolution imagery satellite with a two-mirror optical system can achieve 2 - 5 m spatial resolution at 15 - 22 km swath width. Great efficiency is provided by perfect informational balance owing to the carefully selected compression method and optimal radio link budget. The telescope’s dimensionally stable carbon carcass improves reliability in the wide range of temperatures. Our own uniquely designed optical detector built with the use of the most modern and radiation-resistant parts shoots up to 6 bands simultaneously without quality losses.

Weather observation

High resolution sensor providing frequent observations of the Earth's surface, atmospheric moisture, and cloud cover, which allows to monitor the global weather conditions and hence - forecasting.
Wavelength Range: Visible + Near IR.
Сloud, pollution, and haze detection; severe storm identification; identification of fog at night; discriminating water clouds and snow or ice clouds during daytime; detecting fires and volcano eruptions; night time determination of sea surface temperatures.


Communication satellite composed of transponders, antennas, and switching systems, in combination with redundant power system and in-flight reprogramming represents a flexible but reliable instrument applicable for a wide variety of tasks to ensure communication.
The possibility of constellation expansion included into the platform at the design stage makes it possible to build a low-cost and fast deployable satellite communication network with the necessary bandwidth covering the entire globe.

About us

We are a team of business people, engineers and scientists united by the idea of humanity progress in the way of space exploration. Our team combines experience of previous generations of space explorers and energy of young and highly motivated people. We believe that for the full management of our Home Planet, we need to conquer the Universe.